Lynova Terry Towels by Standard Textile

Lynova Terry Towel Standard Textile The Distinguished Guest Hotel Supplies Hospitality Vacation Rental
  • $194.99

The ultimate in luxury.  If you love thick fluffy 100% cotton towels then look no further. The Lynova towel has been engineered to please the 5-star guests but also to reduce cleaning time and laundry expense.



 Bath Towel - Measures 27 x 58, with a 2" dobby border at each end of the towel

 Hand Towel - Measures 16 x 30 with a 1.5" dobby border at each end of the towel

 Wash Cloth - Measures 13 x 13 with a 1.25" dobby border at one end of the towel

 Bath Mat - Measures 22 x 34 with all over terry with dobby hem 


- 100% cotton


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