Luxury Stripe Towels by Standard Textile

Luxury Stripe Towel Standard Textile The Distinguished Guest Hotel Supplies Hospitality Vacation Rental
  • $179.99

Pamper your guests with Standard Textiles Luxury Stripe bath towels. The Luxury Stripe towel has been engineered for quality and durability.  This simple blend of cotton and polyester is built to withstand industrial laundering.  The polyester blend add strength to increase the life but also increased laundering speed.


Bath Towel - Measures 30 x 54, with a 2" dobby border at each end of the towel

Hand Towel - Measures 16 x 30 with a 1.5" dobby border at each end of the towel

Wash Cloth - Measures 13 x 13 with a 1" dobby border at one end of the towel

Bath Mat - Measures 22 x 34 


- 80% cotton, 20% polyester blend 
- Pre-Laundered in Tide and room ready

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